New Blog

January 31, 2010


Given how random my previous blog was, I decided to just can it and start a new one that will focus entirely on things related to beer.  My intention is to have this primarily be a spot where I document my homebrew recipes and procedures, especially detailing the recipes that turn out great and the ones that really suck. I’ll probably talk about general beer related things a bit, like the brewing industry, beers I try, and other random things.

I am in no way a graphic designer, web designer, or writer, so this will likely remain a simple blog with poorly written posts. I’ll definitely be increasing the number of brewing resource links and brewery links in the sidebar over time, as well.


One Response to “New Blog”

  1. metgirl4ever Says:

    You’re a yankee, where’d you pick up “howdy” from?? 🙂

    I never got to read ur previous blog…

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