March 2, 2010

First, the Irish stout that I had tapped on 27 December finally kicked tonight. Most of what remained in the keg yesterday was consumed over at a coworker’s place while watching a pretty interesting USA vs Canada hockey game (I’m not a hockey fan, but that was pretty exciting to watch. And yes, Canada, you still suck). This batch, being my first attempt at the style, was decent but nothing special.  The beer is black as night, has a earthy (yay Fuggles hops!) and roasty aroma, and has a smooth, roasty and bitter taste. There is a lot of flavor there while only weighing in at 3.8% ABV, which is pretty much what I was going for. It’s not Guinness, but it’s a respectable first attempt. I also realize through this beer that I really need a nitrogen tank in addition to my CO2. This stout would have been far superior than it is if I had “carbonated” it with nitrogen. I’m adding that to the list of stuff I need to invest in later this year.

Second update: the amber ale I brewed at the beginning of February is being kegged tonight. It went from 1.056 as a starting gravity down to 1.018 which should put it right around 5% ABV. This keg will immediately take up the slot recently vacated by the Irish stout (perfectly timed), and will carbonated to 20 psi, as it’s an American amber style so should tend toward higher carbonation levels (the British styles tend to be around 10 psi for me). This should be good, though we’ll find out in a week or two. The amber is hopped entirely with Galena hops, which smelled delicious when I opened the package, so it’ll be a delicious experiment. 🙂

Still thinking about what beer to make next. I should post about that tomorrow. With the new automated grain mill shortening my brew days, I should be able to brew after work, so I want to get the next batch brewed this week.


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