Planning Some Batches

March 7, 2010

With two empty fermenters, I’m thinking it’s time to brew a couple batches. 🙂 Of the three kegs I have on tap right now, the Imperial IPA is pretty close to empty, so I’m thinking of brewing something in a day or two that will ferment quickly so I can replace it.

The first beer I want to make will be tomorrow or Tuesday and will be my first attempt at a dark mild ale. This a British style that’s lower in alcohol and high in flavor. This will be a quickly fermented beer so I can replace the IIPA as soon as it’s kicked. 🙂 The recipe is being put together right now, and I’m aiming to use the last bit of Maris Otter malt  from my last bulk purchase.

I’ve  had it suggested that I should do a photo-blog of my all-grain process, so I may document this batch and do a series of posts detailing my process. I know I do a few things differently than a lot of folks, so it could be interesting to get comments on my process from other people. I’ll try to document this batch from start to finish and get a series of posts up detailing the whole thing.

As for the second batch to be brewed this week… I’ve been thinking of doing a barleywine or some other high alcohol beer that needs aging. Barleywine is a great style that would need to be aged until at least this upcoming winter, so I’d have to get it going soon. I’m leaning toward either spending the week building up a strong yeast starter and making a barleywine on Thursday or Friday, or brewing a weaker beer and using the yeast cake from that for the barleywine sometime in the next couple weeks.


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