Amber Ale Update

March 15, 2010

Tonight I tapped the amber ale that was brewed on 31 January of this year. It came out similar to how I was hoping, but needs some tweaks.

The beer pours a very opaque amber color. I think I forgot to use Irish moss in this batch, so the proteins didn’t coagulate as well as they should have, giving me a very hazy beer. There is a lightly sweet malty aroma, with a little bit of the Galena hops showing through. It tastes malty sweet up front with a very solid body so it drinks heavier than it is (~5% ABV). Also, I’m not sure if the bready flavor from the Maris Otter malt is helping or hurting it. This will take a few more pints to determine 🙂

The one thing I’m really disappointed with is that it’s not quite as hoppy as I was looking for. There’s enough hop bitterness to mostly balance the malty sweetness, but I wanted a little more assertiveness from them. I think this beer could probably use a little less CaraAroma malt and about a half ounce more of Galena hops. This is definitely far from my best beer, but it’s close enough to what I wanted that I’m satisfied.


One Response to “Amber Ale Update”

  1. techcommdood Says:

    Still sounds good. I look forward to trying it!

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