How Quickly Things Change

April 9, 2010

It’s been a while since I posted anything here because there hasn’t been much to talk about and things have been crazy for me. The biggest news is that I got laid off last Wednesday. No one needs to worry about anything, I have plenty of resources and a generous severence package. Given how much I hated the job and the company this isn’t something I’m crying over, even if I really don’t like the idea of looking for a new job. I’m viewing this as an opportunity to take my life in a new direction and to hone my brewing skills.

On the homebrew front, the only update to really throw out there is that I was able to finally keg the dark mild ale yesterday. My schedule was so hectic this past month I didn’t get a chance to do this until last night. The beer came out with a gravity of 1.014, putting it around 3.4% ABV, and had a light bready flavor with a hint of sweetness and chocolate. I’ll post more on the taste once it’s chilled and carbonated properly, though I’m thinking this mild ale will likely need at least a little bit more chocolate malt.

Before I get into brewing a revision of my dark  mild recipe, I fully plan to use the yeast cake from the currently fermenting pale ale to make some sort of really strong beer. I’m thinking it’s about time I brewed a barleywine. 🙂


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