Someone Needs To Stop Slacking

May 29, 2010

and update the blog a little more often.

Since I brewed the Amarillo IPA, the RyePA has been kegged. That came to a final gravity of 1.013, so 6.66% ABV. It will be carbonated hopefully sometime next week so I’ll post a brief review of that beer then. That said, the sample I took from it during kegging was interesting. The first time I tried it, when I moved the RyePA to a secondary fermenter, it had a bit of an odd tartness to it. The sample I just tried had almost none of that, with a nice dry rye spiciness, and the hops seem like they played pretty well off the rye.

On Tuesday, May 25, I moved the Amarillo IPA to secondary fermenter and added the dry hops. The gravity of that one is down to 1.014, which is exactly where it should be. I love hitting all my numbers perfectly and repeatably.

Now that temperature has started increasing, I have to start moving fermenters down into the basement to keep cool. The barleywine has been sitting down there for a while, and I recently brought the India Brown Ale down there to keep cool, too.

Other than all of that, I just picked up a bag of Maris Otter (my favorite base malt for English beers) yesterday so there should be either an English brown ale or a bitter being brewed tomorrow. I’ll post a recipe once I figure it out.


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