Homebrew Updates

July 11, 2010

Been a while since I updated anything on here. I haven’t brewed anything since the ESB  on 6/27. The ingredients for more batches have been sitting around, but with the temperatures regularly in the 90s last week I had no intention of adding all the heat from a brewday to my apartment.

As I continue to keep a log of all my recipes on this blog, in hard copy form in a binder, and in my Beer Smith program’s database, I’ve also decided to add my best recipes to an easily accessible database online. Currently on Hopville I have 7 recipes listed. I’ll be adding more as I look back through my notes and find the rest of the recipes I’m most happy with. If anyone decides to brew one of them or use one as a base for a modification, let me know how it turns out.

Currently on tap are the English brown ale, Amarillo IPA and India brown ale. The RyePA I had kegged was finished off last night, which sucks cause it was my favorite of the four on tap. Oh well. Regarding these four beers, they all came out as follows:

English Brown Ale:

This brown, officially categorized as a Southern English Brown Ale, came in at 3.1% ABV but definitely tastes like a stronger beer. It has a moderate, smooth body with equal parts caramel sweetness, chocolate, and a bready backbone. It goes down easy and turned out better than I expected based on early taste tests.

Amarillo IPA:

An adaptation to my recipe from last August, this one came out almost exactly as intended. The recipe needed to be changed to fit my new brewing system and the better efficiency I get from the grain. It still has the light body with Vienna malt sweetness, moderate up front bitterness, and the nice citrusy flavor and aroma of the first batch I brewed. This time, the IPA’s ABV was exactly the same as the original version at 6.5%. Given the light body and citrus character, I’ll likely be brewing it again this summer.

India Brown Ale:

Originally designed to be a black IPA, this recipe turned into more of an India brown ale (a hopped up brown). The body is heavy with a mix of biscuit and chocolate flavors, a bit of dry roasty bitterness, a light alcohol warmth. Definitely not a pounding beer. The hop bitterness is mostly up front with some of the spiciness I was going for. I’ll probably brew it again with more aroma and dry hops to bring that character out more. This one also came in at 6.66% ABV which is good, but I may try to get it over 7% next time.

Rye Pale Ale (RyePA):

My first attempt at a RyePA recipe turned out really nice. It has a crystal clear, dark ruby color, a light body with a dry rye spiciness, and a combo of spicy and citrus flavors/aromas from the hops. I’m really pleased with how the chinook and amarillo hops went with the rye. I may tweak the recipe slightly, but I think I came close to nailing it on the first try. This one was 6.66% ABV.

Unfortunately, the RyePA keg kicked last night. 😦


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