Brewday: Modified Amarillo IPA

August 16, 2010

Yesterday I brewed what I should call a ‘modified’ Amarillo IPA. It’s the Amarillo IPA I’ve brewed numerous times before, but I wasn’t able to find any American pale malt to use as the base malt. Instead I had to use Maris Otter, which is an English malt that is a bit darker and adds a distinctive bready character to a beer. I usually use it in my English styles like bitters and ESBs, but I’ve never used it for an American IPA, so we shall see what it does to this recipe.

My efficiency for this batch was slightly lower than last time, so the starting gravity was 1.062 instead of the 1.064 that I usually target, but that shouldn’t make that much of a difference. One thing that’s nice about this batch is that I finally remembered to get more Irish moss for clarifying my beers. The past four or five beers I’ve brewed have been without Irish moss, and they’ve all been at least kinda cloudy.

I pitched a Wyeast 1332 Northwest Ale yeast cake from my previous rye session ale into this beer. It’s currently fermenting vigorously in the basement.


2 Responses to “Brewday: Modified Amarillo IPA”

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