Time To Tweak Some Recipes

December 7, 2010

Something I’ve rarely done in the past is brew a recipe more than once. I always feel like brewing something new, but I’ve never taken the time to really work a recipe to the point where I’m completely satisfied. Well, given that the only two beers not in kegs in the chest freezer are a Kolsch which will be lagered for a while, and an Imperial IPA which will be bottled, I need to start brewing beers to replace the four that are on tap once they’re done. So why take the opportunity to tweak some recipes?

The recipes I’ve been thinking about changing are listed below. If anyone has had any of these beers and has comments on potential changes that could make them better/interesting/etc, let me know.

  • Amarillo IPA: This is one of two recipes I’ve brewed repeatedly. The last version was very good and won a competition medal. The one change I’ve been thinking about is adding a bit more bitterness up front.
  • Dark Mild: The other recipe I’ve brewed repeatedly. I’d like to bump up the flavor a bit. Thinking of adding a bit more crystal and carafa malt, but I’m not sure yet.
  • Rye IPA: This one is labeled as an IPA made with rye malt, but it really doesn’t fit into the IPA style guidelines. I’m thinking about darkening it and adding some up front bitterness.
  • Foreign Extra Stout: I brewed this one in a hurry to get a stout to drink before the temperatures dropped. It did reasonably well at the competition, but I think it could be the base for a much better beer. Haven’t thought about changes to it yet.

The Imperial IPA will likely go into a secondary fermenter to condition and dry hop within the week, so I’ll have to decide which recipe to start with and make the changes to it soon. I’ll probably start with the Amarillo IPA cause I have the American pale malt available and it would use up my remaining Amarillo hops so I have a free vacuum container so I can open a bag of Simcoe hops.


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