Last Week’s Brewday: Amarillo IPA

December 21, 2010

Last Sunday I decided to brew my Amarillo IPA recipe again with some minor tweaks. The comments this brew received from the judges at last month’s competition suggested that a bit more aggressiveness from the hops would be helpful. I liked it as it was, but I also see where a bit more bitterness could make it more interesting, so I’m giving it a try. Of course I wound up oversparging just a bit, but that just gives me a quarter gallon more IPA to drink 🙂

Amarillo IPA

Boil Volume: 8.20 gallons

Batch Volume: 6.80 gallons

Fermentor Volume: 5.30 gallons

Gravity: 1.058

Efficiency: 75%


  • 12.00 lb Pale Malt
  • 2.00 lb Vienna Malt
  • 0.50 lb Crystal 60L


  • 2.50 oz Amarillo (First Wort, 7.30% Alpha Acid)
  • 1.00 oz Amarillo (Boil for 30 minutes)
  • 2.00 oz Amarillo (Boil for 5 minutes)
  • 1.00 oz Amarillo (End of boil)
  • 1.00 oz Amarillo (Dry Hops)


  • Strike with 18 quarts of 163F water
  • Mash at 150F for 75 minutes


Wyeast 1332 Northwest Ale

Water Additions:

  • 2 gm Calcium Chloride
  • 5 gm Gypsum
  • 2 gm Chalk

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