What A Crazy Third Week

February 26, 2011

I’ve been slacking on my posts this week, but I have an excuse… yeast biochemistry condensed into four days is ridiculous! The first four days of this week were focused on yeast, it’s metabolic processes, the influencing factors of fermentation processes, chemistry behind off-flavors, yeast genetics, and yeast nutrition. I’ll be straight with you here, I’ve always hated biology and have very little experience with it. This was quite a week.

Keith, the institute VP told us this was the week that usually gives everyone the most difficulty, so things shouldn’t be quite so bad next week. So far, the quiz averages have been in the high nineties, which will probably drop down into the eighties after today’s quiz. Suffice to say, everyone in the class is off relaxing and blowing off steam tonight.

My plans for the night are pretty light because I’ve got to get up early tomorrow. About sixteen people from class are planning to head up to Kalamazoo, Michigan tomorrow for a tour of Bell’s Brewing and their brewpub. Last week we got some lectures on brewing operations from John Mallet, the head of brewhouse operations at Bell’s. He setup a special tour for us tomorrow at their production facility in Comstock with one of their brewers, so there’s no way I can pass up this opportunity. There’s also a ton of breweries and brewpubs within easy driving/walking distance of where we’re staying the night, so this is going to be quite the weekend.

I guess the only other thing to mention is that I’ve started shooting resumes out there to try and get the job search process rolling before graduation in April. I’ll try to have a more substantive post Sunday or Monday.



One Response to “What A Crazy Third Week”

  1. Bill Says:

    Amazing, man! Definitely the experience of a lifetime!

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