Phase 2: Off To Germany

March 26, 2011

Now that we’ve completed the seven weeks of the course that take place in Chicago, we’re all gearing for the German portion of it. Three weeks in Munich, then a two week bus trip around Germany and Austria to visit a bunch of breweries and brewing equipment manufacturers. I have a feeling there may also be some drinking at some point…

The Munich portion of the trip will be spent at Doemens Academy, which is a brewing academy that is partnered with Siebel for this international brewing diploma program. There’s been precious little information so far on exactly what we’ll be doing there. Our understanding so far is that it’ll be a lot of hand on work, like yeast laboratory work and getting our hands on their pilot brewing system, so hopefully we get to be completely done with lectures.

A lot of us have been making plans to visit other cities during the weekends. I think the list so far involves Brussels, Prague, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Koln. I’ll do my best to post about those trips while I’m over there, and I do intend to take a bunch of pictures, but it all depends on WiFi access for the laptop. Either way, there will be many litres of beer consumed over the next five weeks.

The flight leaves at 9pm tonight and we arrive in Munich at 1pm local time tomorrow. It’ll be an interesting adjustment before class on Monday…


One Response to “Phase 2: Off To Germany”

  1. Bill Says:

    Have a save flight and a great time over there!

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