Update and Tasting Notes

May 30, 2011

So that Imperial IPA I brewed before I left for Siebel is finally kegged and on tap, with the recent rye pale ale getting kegged this afternoon. There was an issue during the fermentation of the rye pale ale that resulted from me getting kinda complacent. With the temperatures in Rochester fluctuation all over the place this month, the fermentation temperature dropped and the weak yeast I had in there stalled and dropped out with the gravity sitting at 1.026. When I racked to secondary, I dumped a fresh starter of American ale yeast in and heated the carboy up to get the fermentation kicked off again. I really want to get a second fridge so I can get much better temperature control… one of these days…

The Imperial IPA is done carbonating, so I’m having my first pint of it tonight. It’s got a moderate amber color with some light haze from the high amount of dry hops. There’s a heavy pine aroma with some fruity esters in the background. The bitterness is heavy but not sharp, with a lingering dry and resinous pine aftertaste. There’s a nice slightly sweet malt character that keeps the hop bitterness from being completely overpowering. In the end it’s a solid IIPA, but definitely not great. Still, I’m pleased.

Now to figure out what to brew next….


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