Interesting Times at the Brewery

September 7, 2011

A lot of things are happening at the brewery right now that are keeping life interesting. The biggest being the addition of two new brewers next week. This will bring us to ten total brewers on staff. When I was hired, I was number nine, but a month into my tenure there one of the guys quit to go work for Butternuts. Obviously that makes me no longer the lowest on the totem pole, so I greatly approve.

Going to ten brewers has been the overall plan for a while. Back on Memorial Day week the brewery increased weekly production from 17 brews to 20 brews per week. As this necessitated a haphazard schedule of overtime shifts for everyone, the decision was made to bump the staff to nine brewers, three 8-hour shifts of three brewers each, with plans to add a tenth brewer as a swing guy so we could cover sickness/vacations/etc. Well, now we’ll have those ten, as soon as they get fully trained.

The downside to all of this is that I came in at a pretty unfortunate time. With all these plans, they really needed me to be hired on two months earlier, in all honesty, which has put the burden on me to get trained as fast possible so I can get on a shift and start reducing the overall workload for everyone. Well, two months into my three month training cycle and I’ll be moving to a 2pm-midnight shift next Monday to facilitate the two new brewers starting their training in my current schedule slot. This really means that I get thrown into the fire and need to switch over to learning a lot of the cellaring stuff as I go. At least I’ll be putting in my fair share of overtime to hopefully take the burden off the other guys a bit.

Couple all the staff additions with consultations we’re getting right now on brewhouse upgrades and the brand new brite tank we just got… yeah, major expansion is coming.


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