Time To Get Serious

September 10, 2011

As my love of craft beer has developed into a love and passion for brewing, the usual thought that most beer lovers get went through my mind: man, it would be awesome to brew professionally. Well, after interning at Custom Brewcrafters and attending Siebel Institute, I’ve landed that dream job.

Through my experiences in, and breaking into, the craft brewing industry, I’ve learned some important lessons and had some perceptions thoroughly reinforced for me. The first important thing is that I learned that no matter what kind of work it is, I really hate working for other people, especially in multi-layered hierarchies. Yeah, I know that’s not really an uncommon feeling out there, but it’s something that needs to be experienced enough for it to sink in.

The other major thing that has been reinforced for me is how long and time consuming it is to get a brewery started. With that in mind it’s about time to stop saying “I hope to open a brewery someday” and actually start getting a plan together. As the whole process can take multiple years, especially if you need to hunt down financing (as I most certainly would), it’s best to start sooner rather than later. With that said, I’m now starting to sit down and get some serious thinking done on various things like what I’m looking to open (some sort of production brewery or a brewpub, etc), where that would be, and all the little things that go into forming a plan.

Obviously there’s a ton of research that needs to take place, and I’ll need to get involved with people that can cover the aspects of starting/running a business that I’d be weak on. This’ll be a group effort, definitely. All that being said, it really is time to get serious. I’ll start posting more thoughts as I go through all of this. Should be a fun, and incredibly challenging, ride.


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