February 22, 2012

Tonight I kegged the Belgian Pale Ale I brewed at the end of January. It came to a final gravity of 1.009 and 5.6% ABV. That leaves me currently with one empty keg, a dark mild that’s ready to be kegged, and a Belgian dubbel that’s ready to be kegged/bottled (and an IIPA that still needs time). The issue with deciding on which to keg next is that I want to use the English yeast cake of the dark mild and the Belgian yeast cake of the dubbel to brew with.

So I basically have fresh and healthy English yeast and Belgian yeast I need to brew with soon, and tons of ideas for both. A new version of my mocha porter, imperial chocolate stout, Belgian IPA, Belgian quad, Belgian dubbel with licorice root and some other interesting spices, English bitter or ESB. I don’t really know what I want to make, but I’d like to figure something out to brew either tomorrow or Thursday.


One Response to “Options”

  1. ST Says:

    If you’re asking… I would keg or bottle the dubble first. Anything over 5% will stress the cake & shorten the viability of the cake.

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