Moving On Again

May 14, 2012

So it’s time for me to move on from this leg of my brewing career. There’s no reason to get into the specifics, but it’ll suffice to say there was a disagreement over a potential conflict of interest. The place has had a very corporate feel to me for a long time now, so I’m not really sad to be gone. Part of me thinks I forced the issue because I wanted to get out and didn’t have the balls to quit. It was a great experience for the last ten months, and I met some truly awesome people there and made great friends in the Cooperstown/Oneonta area. There are no hard feelings toward this brewery at all, and I wish them all the best.

Now is the time to start looking at moving on to bigger, better, and more awesome things. I want to spend some time now figuring out exactly the best path forward for me. I’m really sick of being desperate enough to have to take the first opportunity I see, which is what led me to ITT all those miserable years ago. My time at ITT and Rochester set the stage for everything that has come since then, as it gave me the financial ability to attend brewing school, and put me near a brewery that has a strong apprentice program (and a set of amazing brewers – I can’t thank Bruce and JP enough for what they did for me). This time, though, I want to slip into a job and brewery that are exactly what I’m looking for.

Right now, there are a couple of options to choose from and several possibilities elsewhere. I’m still in talks with the guys starting Abandon Brewing out in Penn Yan. That project won’t be finished and up and running until the end of the year, at the earliest. Pursuing that would require me to find some way to survive financially for about seven or so months, which will be a lot more challenging than the fifteen months I was unemployed after the layoff from ITT (great severance and lots of savings back then). I also hear that there is a brewpub in Albany that’s still searching for a head brewer replacement, so I may look into that possibility this week.

The great thing about being unemployed in the craft brewing industry is the amount of start-ups, brewpubs, and expansions going on right now. There are tons of options out there, especially if I’m willing to move. That’s the other thing I need to think about, potentially moving away from New York state. At this point, I’ve spent almost thirty years living in upstate NY, bouncing between the Capital Region, Central New York, and Western New York. Part of me wants to go somewhere completely new and start with a clean slate, and part of me wants to get back to one of my former homes and reconnect with all the friends I don’t see much of anymore.

If you know me at all, you likely understand just how hard it is for me to be decisive about anything. That’s really the tough issue I have to deal with now: deciding what I want as an “ideal situation” and pursuing it relentlessly. I have no interest in settling right now. No more large corporate entities, no more being someone else’s bitch. It’s time to get some creative control, an equal footing, and respect. Nothing less.



5 Responses to “Moving On Again”

  1. Bill Says:

    Best suggestion: See what’s available out there, regardless of the location. Figure out where a good fit would be, professionally. Then look at the areas when you whittle that list down. See if they are areas you’d enjoy living in. If you can afford it, visit those areas and talk to locals to get a feel for the area year-round. Then you’ll have fewer things to be indecisive over. 😉 Albany would be a good fit (especially if you can improve their offerings, which slipped hard the last time I was there). There are other things brewing (heh) in this area as well, with expansions and such. But ultimately you need to find the balance of work and personal that fits you best, because brewing alone won’t cut it for the long term. You need to surround yourself with good people and have plenty to keep you busy and happy when you’re away from all the stainless steel.

    • darknova306 Says:

      Agreed, gotta find a balance. I do like the idea of moving back to the Albany area, but there’s nothing wrong with a change. Guess I just need to not move to a small town with nothing going on. I’m searching all over for a position that sounds like what I want. We’ll see where it goes from there.

  2. Suzanne Vara Says:

    First, I love u Jeff for being so honest always even when ya make me so mad over the METS. Second I totally understand the conflict of wanting to move but yet wanting to be back home. I moved to PA and then found more coming back to NJ. Then I just had to go and I went west … I was new, happy – ready to change the world. Well in the end we know I did it all and then some and came back as there is no place like home. Thank you for all that you have taught me as really never settle and compromise in work. There is always something better – even with financial obstacles. When you believe, you win. No matter where you are, you always excel. =-)

    • darknova306 Says:

      Thanks! It’ll all work out, I’m not worried. Just need to trust my instincts and go where it feels right.

      • Bert Says:

        Vitória L comentou em 22 de abril de 2010 às 11:55. eu tenho a impressão q ja vi esse trailer aqui anse3&#82t0; mas enfim, ele eh PERFEITO de todo jeito!!! perfeito! nao vejo a hora….

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